Clímax Brasil asks for less CO2!

 Less CO2 Please! This is the name of the mission we launched last month for our network. And then we received photos of artivism activities from cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.


 For more photos and to find inspiration to organize this ongoing activity in your region please visit here.

Since August, the collective Clímax Brasil, formed by young people who participated in the Global Power Shift event in Istanbul, has organized lots of activities to take climate change out of the closet in Brazil, such as open Hangouts about mobility, coal in Brazil, food, climate negotiations, consumption, extreme events, food sticker action, Fossil Fuel flash mob, Christmas poster action, direct action during the release of Brazilian Report on Climate Change. In the online front, we are always creating and publishing fun and very creative memes.

Want to be part of Clímax or stay informed about our next activities? Click here.

You can choose to:

  • be an amplifier of Clímax spreading information to other people

  • organize monthly suggested actions in your city and sending information (photos, texts, videos) about what they organized

  • help planning activities.

Clímax actions can be easily replicated everywhere. Please feel free to write to us and we can support you with tips of how to organize an action in your region: