In Guatemala City, from March 21 to 23 2014, we have developed an event that transformed and improved the working mechanisms of young Guatemalan leaders and national volunteer networks, because it has empowered the efforts of thousands of volunteers in our country. This event was our first national meeting of water and climate change called – Guatemala Power Shift (GPS) – , dedicated and committed to propose actions to counter the effects of climate change and promote solutions toward the environment and water conservation, focused on several Guatemala’s rural areas.

The event started with an open call to reach participants from multiple sectors of the population (north, south, east, west, and central Guatemala), involving a multiethnic and multicultural group in such meeting. The group of selected leaders, learned, worked and exposed the social issues at a local and community level. After discussing and evaluating their local issues, a map of local climate actions was developed, incising directly on the facts that affect them directly, and promoting solutions.


The solutions to promote are the following:

* East Region: In six months we are to build a network on the six departments and use digital campaigns to raise awareness and gain the community commitment.

* West Region: Ecological Parade (peaceful march to raise environmental awareness), and during the event, raise awareness to reduce the contamination sources, establish a cleaning chain, and promote ecotourism in the region of San Marcos volvanos.

* South Region: Reforestation Programs, sustainable music festival at Lake Atitlan, and education workshops toward reaching environmental awareness.

* Guatemala City: Climb of the Pacaya volcano to demonstrate our struggle for peace, reforestation program raising awareness in the city areas on water security and climate change effects.