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In Tajikistan countryside, next generation of climate activists grows up

Climate change hardly heralds anything good, especially for the village-dwellers who are extremely vulnerable and dependent on the environment.

The folks from TYCC (Tajik Youth Climate Coalition) from Tajikistan, part of the international GlobalPowerShift family, have contributed to the common cause against the climate change and to the involvement of the local communities in solving this problem.

Participants and organizers of the climate school at a field trip

Participants and organizers of the climate school at a field trip


They held a two-day Climatic Activists School for the seniors of a village high school near Dushanbe.

The location had been chosen deliberately: the Varzob valley is a place where the city folks have traditionally gone to for short breaks. This is a wonderful highland abundant with springs and streams. This location is a climate-shaping region as well as the source of drinking water for Dushanbe; it is very climate-change vulnerable. The continuing deforestation as well as rain-caused mudflows and landslides aggravate the situation even further. The climate change may speed up the deterioration and lead to disastrous consequences.

The event, organized precisely to help both locals and activists understand this, was attended by some 15 pupils and teachers of a village school of Yakkachuguz kishlak (village). (more…)

Calling all power shifters: time to remind our leaders that we’re EVERYWHERE


This September heads of states and governments are coming together in New York “as part of a global effort to mobilize action and ambition on climate change.” But looking at their record from past meetings, this summit could well be a gathering to talk about something as fantastical as solving interstellar travel to relocate people to other planets.

Almost a year ago we came together to start a process that was not dependent on these international gatherings. More than 600 climate activists went to İstanbul to kick-start the Global Power Shift (GPS) – the starting point of a new phase in the international climate movement. Hundreds of climate leaders from around the world gathered in Istanbul to share stories, learn skills, and sharpen strategies and tactics to overcome the inertia of our ‘leaders.’ These climate leaders then returned to their home countries to spark a wave of convergences, campaigns, and mobilisations for climate action.

We have come a long way since this convergence in Istanbul. More than 50 Power Shifts have happened all around the world. An additional 30 will be happening soon. And by the time of the New York meeting we will have had 87(!) Power Shifts in total!

The point of GPS was never to have a gigantic climate meeting. It was not about facilitating local climate meetings either. The point had always been to have a global network of activists working in sync to solve the climate crisis. We marched together for the first time on the last day of GPS in İstanbul. It was the first joint action of our network.

We now have a huge opportunity to see this network take joint action again – this time all over the globe. In September, tens (likely hundreds) of thousands of people will march in New York City to relay a collective, powerful message to gathered heads of state as they meet for the UNSG’s Climate Summit. And we plan to stand with them by organizing our own actions all over the world.

Already some GPS teams are organizing their power shift events to coincide with the People’s Climate March in NYC. If the rest of the GPS network can also organize local actions, then we will help remind heads of state in New York that they cannot just go home after the summit and pretend we are not in a state of emergency.

Since countless meetings have been held with the supposed intent to address issues related to climate change but with no real outcome to speak of as catastrophes escalate due to human-induced climate change, the global actions to be held during the weekend of September 20-21 will relay one a simple but dire message to heads of state: Action Now. Not words.

We know that the September gathering is not going to be a single ‘moment’ to solve the climate crisis. But it is a great opportunity to show the heads of state that there is no respite anywhere.

The demand for climate justice is global and unrelenting.

They may try to continue to ignore us so far. But the tide is rising. We are bigger and stronger. Now even our networks have networks. If the current political system cannot meet the demand for justice, then it will simply be swept away.

Join us in September to amplify our voices all around the globe to turn the tides on climate change.

Shifting power in Argentina: Today is the day

By GPS Argentina team.

This morning the first action of our GPS phase 2 plans will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We call it “Aclimatando” or in English “Acclimatizing”.  It is an effort to acclimate people to confronting the reality of climate change.  The goal of the meeting this morning is to thrust forward the issue of climate change further into the public agenda, and create a collaborative strategy for intervention and advocacy.  This public forum to kickstart the initiative is aimed at opinion leaders, media, political and public interest groups.


We have divided the effort  into two stages.  Our first step begins this morning in the city of Buenos Aires. During this event, participants will engage in different presentations about climate change, learn more about different political positions on the issue, and hear about ongoing actions in the current Argentine context. Two panel discussions will also be held focusing on the role of government and media in shaping public opinion on climate.

During the second stage, we will meet in Baradero (a small town in the province of Buenos Aires), where 35 youth activist selected from different provinces of the country will work to create an “Argentine Youth Movement Against Climate Change.”

The first meeting will be this morning, May 30th , in the Auditorium of the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires. In the afternoon, we will head to Baradero with a group of selected participants where we will spend the whole weekend together.

Our aim is to position climate change at the forefront of the public, political, and private agenda in order to have an impact on national adaptation and mitigation policies.  We plan to build a movement, launch large-scale climate campaigns, and empower people to lead local actions that can contribute to scaling up the momentum built by our actions today.

Be sure to visit our website and leave your comment :


Youth Climate Forum in Murmansk: Climate is changing, this is an issue for everyone!

Youth Climate Forum dedicated to climate change, global impact of these processes on the traditional craft of indigenous peoples and Arctic ecosystems took place in Murmansk, Russia on May 13-15.

In partnership with Global Power Shift, Murmansk public youth environmental organization “Nature and Youth” and the international climate movement held a three-day hands-on forum. The event united university students, environmental activists, members of NGOs, indigenous Sami people, business representatives, and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Murmansk region, for a single goal: establishment of a youth working group for resolving the climate crisis.

Youth climate forum in Murmansk

Photo: Olga Dergunova

“During the forum, we tried to bring people with a variety of experiences together to create a space of dynamic discussions. There is almost no youth climate debate in Russia, especially in the regions. I think we managed to create such a platform, and we should actively work on climate change and social justice,” chairperson of “Nature and Youth” Nailya Ibragimova says.

Nailya Ibragimova



In Guatemala City, from March 21 to 23 2014, we have developed an event that transformed and improved the working mechanisms of young Guatemalan leaders and national volunteer networks, because it has empowered the efforts of thousands of volunteers in our country. This event was our first national meeting of water and climate change called – Guatemala Power Shift (GPS) – , dedicated and committed to propose actions to counter the effects of climate change and promote solutions toward the environment and water conservation, focused on several Guatemala’s rural areas.

The event started with an open call to reach participants from multiple sectors of the population (north, south, east, west, and central Guatemala), involving a multiethnic and multicultural group in such meeting. The group of selected leaders, learned, worked and exposed the social issues at a local and community level. After discussing and evaluating their local issues, a map of local climate actions was developed, incising directly on the facts that affect them directly, and promoting solutions.


The solutions to promote are the following:

* East Region: In six months we are to build a network on the six departments and use digital campaigns to raise awareness and gain the community commitment.

* West Region: Ecological Parade (peaceful march to raise environmental awareness), and during the event, raise awareness to reduce the contamination sources, establish a cleaning chain, and promote ecotourism in the region of San Marcos volvanos.

* South Region: Reforestation Programs, sustainable music festival at Lake Atitlan, and education workshops toward reaching environmental awareness.

* Guatemala City: Climb of the Pacaya volcano to demonstrate our struggle for peace, reforestation program raising awareness in the city areas on water security and climate change effects.

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