Power is shifting in Kenya

By Carol Wambui, Kenya Power Shift

Limuru was freezing. 6 degrees for us in the equator like Kenya, this is way too cold. The rains never stopped pounding down on us for the three days almost ruining our fun Power Shift Boot camp.

But we had made the most amazing choices in selecting participants because these 120 young climate leaders from all over the counties of Kenya, celebrated the rain and the cold, debating and exchanging climate change stories till the wee hours each morning, training and learning daily with such jaunty gusto. We trained and learned how to build strong campaigns depending on various issues at our county levels and to stop waiting one more second for leaders.

Ronnie Osumba, the vice-president, Juliani the former Climate Change ambassador for UNEP, Yvonne Maingey, Winnie Asiti from AYICC and a host of other activists came through to offer their guidance at the camp.

In the end, Power is shifting. This time, the youth leaders are at the forefront, negotiating, inventing and encouraging community participation on issues climate and sustainability for their future,