Climate organizing in Belarus: The pieces come together

It took them only to announce the plan for climate movie festival to find out about lots of other thematic grassroots initiatives planned for this autumn in Minsk, Belarus. Inspired, Belarusian climate activists decided to join efforts and organise a whole week of action in September.

Car-free day, green lifestyle, actions to restore swamps and of course lots of movie screenings may soon create a space for discussion on the streets and in the cafes of Minsk and beyond. All the details are still to be defined, but the positive tone is set. During these actions, the core team will find like-minded people with whom they will hit the road to Power Shift forum in Poland later this year. It will be the first time for a big self-organized group of young people from Belarus to come for an action around Conference of Parties. What’s even more important, it will be a great chance for them to establish more connections with the European climate movement and build a shared vision. While no one knows what will come next (except for a huge New Year climate party, that is) there’s an idea to populate Minsk with multiple practical initiatives later in spring.  So if the pieces continue to fall in place, it won’t take long until we see the city full of handmade bike parks and creative climate messaging on every corner.


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