So many Power Shifts, so many people, so beautiful!

These past few weeks have been filled with many wins and inspiring stories for the climate movement. Here is another one.

Since gathering in İstanbul last year for the Global Power Shift, we have had regional power shifts in 86 countries all over the globe, we have witnessed campaigns, trainings, actions and a lot more. And a few weeks ago, we became part of the biggest climate mobilization in history. GPS Phase 2 was beautiful and exciting in so many ways.

Now, we all know that the battle is not won yet. We have to keep on shifting the power until we achieve climate justice and GPS will evolve and continue in line with that goal. But lets make a moment to celebrate and give credit where it’s due.

This one is for all the GPS teams out there who worked day and night to bring the change we need. This is something to remember our amazing adventure.

(See if you can spot familiar faces)

It’s been an honor to witness all that the GPS teams have accomplished – and we hope you enjoy this chance to see how it has all added up (this video does not feature footage from all the GPS events of course – that would run for hours!).

So once again, here’s to all the GPS teams out there!