Global Power Shift is the starting point for a new phase in the international climate movement. First, hundreds of climate leaders from around the world gathered in Istanbul to share stories, learn skills, and sharpen strategies. These leaders have now returned to their home countries to spark a wave of convergences, campaigns, and mobilsations for climate action.

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Global Power Shift: Phase 2

From Turkey, youth leaders will launch Power Shifts in their own countries After leaving Turkey, these young leaders are fanning across the world to catalyze powerful national movements calling for bold climate action. By telling climate stories, launching bold campaigns, and coordinating a series of national summits and trainings, they will unleash a new wave of climate activism.

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A power shift is happening all over the world

Dear friends,

I will keep this short, as the image below speaks for itself.

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Global Power Shift is scaling up the climate movement in an unprecedented way – it is sparking climate action all over the world.

After our massive gathering in Istanbul last year to train young leaders in grassroots and climate activism, thousands of youth have joined regional events, organised mobilisations and launched campaigns to fight the climate crisis in country after country — Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Vietnam, France, Kenya, Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, China and India are just some of them. And we’re not done yet — more Power Shifts are planned for the coming months! Check this awesome timeline to see what the teams are up to.

From national summits to months of action, these teams are building innovative, bold climate activism in their regions. They are exposing fossil fuel corporations and pressuring their leaders to take serious action. They are promoting and implementing clean, renewable energy, reaching and engaging frontline communities, and highlighting climate impacts. They’re working with well established partners and articulating effective, coordinated campaigns to tackle climate change. But most of all — they’re taking climate leadership and shifting the power!

There’s still a lot to do and we’re certainly going to see many powerful, inspiring campaigns  sparking across the planet. But we are so excited about how Global Power Shift is moving so far that we wanted to share the news with you. Can you share the infographic with your friends too?



Young Georgians step up against coal and climate change

As IPCC is about to issues its next report cementing scientific evidence of the need to leave fossil fuels in the ground in order to avoid heating our atmosphere to more than 2 degrees C, our friends Nugzar and Tsiako from the Republic of Georgia think of the local anti-coal campaign they help to lead.

Not so much time have passed since Global Power Shift meeting in Istanbul (Turkey), and I remember it very clearly, – says Nugzar. More than 500 people gathered together to think about climate change and the new ways are to fight against it. Then we took the fight back home.

Tsiako cheers up the anti-coal march

Tsiako cheers up the anti-coal march

There are some people who say that climate change is just a fake and a myth. However, every day, every moment we see a lot of new natural catastrophes around the world. We need to find solution and we already found some of them. This is our common effort to unite all young people, all communities and popularize alternative ways of energy production. But, before, we need to unite our human energy to stop fossil fuels industry where it’s possible and work with government, even, impact on government to change policy and start planning everything according to ecological agenda.

After Global Power Shift gathering we started to work on Georgian Power Shift Event, which took place in Tkibuli. Tkibuli is a small city. There were many coal mines there in Soviet period, including 4 big mines. At the moment only one of them works, but working and security conditions are bad, as local people say. Lots of workers have died because there aren’t any standards of production. Another moment is, of course, that this mine poisons the atmosphere. More poison comes, as one of professionals said during Global Power Shift Georgia, from the waste banks – hills of the residues of rock and coal, which lay on the ground and are spread by wind everywhere. It is a problem not just for local people’s health, but it also causes problems for the nature, because it poisons it. The coal which is produced in Tkibuli is highly polluting due to its low quality and the ways of its production aren’t good.

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China Youth Carbon Shift is on the Way!

After months preparations and countless meetings since last July, the core group members of China Global Power Shift announced the Phase Two of Global Power Shift in China— China GPS – “China Youth Carbon Shift” has formally begun!

China PS in GZ-3

China power shift core members have settled with a specific agenda for the whole event after several discussions. In the upcoming future, the team will conduct a series of events described as follows. In March and coming April, there will be selectively recruitment for new teams around China and train them through workshops and strategic planning with tools such as the latest carbon accounting manual. The ultimate goals is to prepare them for participation in China Youth Carbon Shift activity series. Those participants of China Power Shift will also serve as an ambassador for the Youth Carbon Shift, spreading the message about this Power Shift project throughout their communities. From April to June, the first stage of China GPS will take off – the team is ready to focus on the campus carbon accounting project, helping those participated teams to form their carbon accounting plan and offering them support for data collection and analysis. The team will be expecting many carbon accounting reports by June!

China PS in GZ

The core members will start off the project with 5 selected regions and cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong province, Zhejiang Province and Southwest China. The China power shifters hope to expand further once the plan has been successfully carried out in these regions where the team have the most abundant resources.

The next large-scale event for China-GPS will be one of the workshop sessions held in Beijing in mid-April. Twenty teams from universities in Beijing and five to six from other regions are going to be involved in a 1-day China-GPS bootcamp which includes carbon accounting training workshop in the morning and a series of discussions on environmental activism in the afternoon. Topics ranging from climate change to fossil fuels will all be brought to the table during these discussions.

So, cheer for the China Power Shifters! The China Youth Carbon Shift is on its way to an adventurous journey! The team will go all out to take the spirit and passion from the GPS in Turkey to a new level in China to ensure the success of all the Youth Carbon Shift events. China power shifters are certain that with the positive green energy they can attract more and more Chinese youths to join force for this global climate movement.

China PS in GZ-2

Together let’s make a difference!!

Switchcamp: The First Wave of Indonesia Power Shift

by Syaiful Rochman

foto grup

Shouting “Indonesia Power Shift Switch!” as the closing shout out, Indonesia has begun the first wave of national climate movement in 17 provinces across the nation.

The four days of sharing, learning and fun was called Switchcamp. Participants will help Indonesia to switch into eco-friendly living, and help free the nation from fossil fuel dependency.

Focusing on solving local environmental issues, for four days the participants were provided with the necessary skills and tools to create help take the climate movement back home to the next level.

Before switchcamp, every participant was expected to come with their local environmental issue, and during the camp they approached these issues through new perspectives, provided by the learning material, to create plans and try to solve their problems back home.

On day two, all of the participants were taken to Poncosari Village. The Village is using a combination of solar panels, biogas and wind as its power sources. In Poncosari the participants unfurled a 15 meter banner, they had prepared, to underline their pledge on establishing Indonesia as an independent and renewable energy nation.

A seedling will become a tree

This weekend our friends from Ukrainian Youth Climate Association feat. partners visited the city of Rivne in Western Ukraine to plant seeds of climate leadership in a follow up of GPS. Shortly after the 2-days workshop on ‘Practice of eco-social projects and adaptation to climate change’ local activist Olexandra posted an article of inspiration based on her participation, an abridged version of which you can read here.

UYCA in Rivne

An unprecedented event took place at Rivne Region Library. Representatives from the environmental movement, namely UYCA and National Environmental Center of Ukraine, came to us from Kyiv. With the help from Ecoclub Rivne they held presentations about the Planet’s changing climate and workshops where they taught us how to organize an activists’ team, create projects and attract funds.

UYCA in Rivne

Green minded citizens of Rivne met on Friday evening to watch the ‘Chasing Ice’ movie. This dramatic documentary impressed the viewers from the very first minutes: a foolhardy photographer who, regardless having two surgeries on his leg, visited Alaska, Greenland and Iceland to station photo-cameras in order to witness irreversible multi-kilometers glaciers melting. The movie nailed it – a concept of global warming became, at last, clear for us. After the movie UYCA members told us about their work, projects and achievements. The first meeting ended with a pleasant conversation and a cup of herbal tea. (more…)

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